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Scoreboard tracks the most common placements in sports arenas from all teams and sponsors, empowering you to benchmark and compare relative media value generated.

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Understand Media Value

Use our revolutionary tool to track all common placements (in both NBA and NHL) and benchmark various teams, sponsors and placements for the previous 30 days.

Gather insights about which placement (pole pad, floor court, press table, etc...) and social media platform generated the most media value, so you can inform your media activations.

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Cutting edge computer vision

As leaders in computer vision, we're leveraging cutting edge machine learning technology to automate the process of identifying and attributing value to millions of images and videos. This means faster turnaround and lower costs.

Advanced media value calculation

GumGum Sports determines the value of sports signage via a proprietary algorithm known as Media Value Percentage (MVP). Our metric measures what it would have cost to buy an equivalent amount of reach in a similar advertising medium. The MVP formula consists of six core variables:

  1. Clarity – How clear is the exposure?
  2. Prominence – Is the logo front and center or hidden in the background?
  3. Visibility – What percent of the logo can be seen?
  4. Size – How big is the logo compared to the rest of the frame?
  5. Placement – Where does the logo show up?
  6. Share of Voice – What other brands are in frame and how do they stack up?
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